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MagicMirror² und

  • Hallo Zusammen,

    ich würd mich über MagicMirror² freuen. Auch wenn so manche lokale Funktionalität verloren geht, aber man kann trotzdem Screens für den "überregionalen" Betrieb erstellen.

    Aktuell hab ich MagicMirror² als DockerImage auf meinem Raspi mit HomeAssistant integriert.

    Alternativ oder zusätzlich wäre Glancr eine Alternative, die ich aber bisher nicht ausprobiert habe.

    Schöne Grüße

  • Staff

    I had to translate this one since I don't speak German. Here's the translation: (german speakers, feel free to correct).

    Hello everybody,

    I would be happy about MagicMirror². Even if some local functionality is lost, but you can still create screens for "national" operation.

    I have currently integrated MagicMirror² as DockerImage on my Raspi with HomeAssistant.

    As an alternative or in addition, Glancr would be an alternative that I have not yet tried.

    Best regards

  • I don't think this would be a good addition to cloudron - it's only purpose is to be software for MagicMirror (A DIY project to put a computer in a literal mirror). As such the computer for this needs to reliably be local (not all cloudron's are local installs).

  • Maybe in combination with openhab

  • My usecase is a decentralized installation actually.
    I have home assistant on a raspi 3B and I added MagicMirror as a docker instance.
    In the "Magic Mirror" is a raspi zero w working that only starts a gui with chromium in kiosk-mode which is configured to start the IP of the Docker-Image.

    Additional Usecases could be infoboards at events (software conferences) to show the audience informations of the venue, rooms and/or the talks.

    You also can place some displays at companys and show informations.
    The big benefit of this solution is, that you can manage your system from everywhere, not just in the local network of the installation.
    The little benefit is a better backup and reproducibility.

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