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  • Staff

    You can use this thread to track updates to the osTicket package.

    Please open issues in a separate topic instead of replying here.

  • Staff


    • Add forumUrl
    • Make php.ini customizable via /app/data/php.ini
  • Staff


    • Allow user-managed plugins

    Thanks a lot to @jimcavoli for providing the merge request to allow user-manager plugins

  • Staff


    • Update osTicket to 1.14.3
    • Full changelog
    • inline: RichText Fields View First (d8ff946, a97ddba)
    • print: Update Icons and Add Titles (be18e46)
    • issue: Update Print Options Icons/Text/Title (b4cd46a)
    • refactor: Help Topic Status Refresh (2dee16b)
    • Adding translation to the dashboard plot labels. (ebfd68b)
    • Issue: Language Verification (a1e9342)
  • Staff


    • Update osTicket to 1.14.4
    • Full changelog
    • forms: Pseudo-random name for Dynamicforms on POST (077d26f)
    • Authcode: Ticket Access Link (043c3fe)
    • redactor: Upgrade to version 3.4.5 (e593c5c, 9102240, e471132)
    • Auth: Client Create Request (c3c01d3, 43e07c2)
  • Staff


    • Update osTicket to 1.15
    • Full changelog
    • Change dept_id and priority_id fron tinyint to int (e54f6f3)
    • csrf: Add ability to rotate token (36e614c)
    • Feature: Agent/Department Visibility (5fbd762, e4346d2, 4ad7e95, 49b2f1b, 46033d1, 3a8ea4b, 6eae7e6, f306ce8, 6fdc111, 4489b2f, 7f0602a, 484023d, 3722fc5, 6425146, 9902ac2, 07b2373, ca81176, 4e86313)
    • db: Latest Indexes (da2fd37, 2731074, c359d12, ea09373, 4c9968b)
    • SLA Plan Search Field (0fd63b4)
    • 2FA Backends (5dd0a34, 4ef752c, cff12f7, ea86103, 4b6bc73, a1b7826, 3f08e62, 9d46c84, 8f4fe18)
    • Password Policy Revisited (e1aba7c, 744676b)