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  • App Dev

    Hi all,
    I just moved my backups to a Hetzner storagebox and last night was the first trial of a full backup. This morning I saw this error:

    Command failed with exit code 1 (EPERM): df -kPT /backups_sshfs

    I did some Googling but I am coming up short as to why this error is occurring. I can supply logs if anyone requires them.
    Any ideas?

  • Staff

    How is your mountpoint setup? I am using the very same setup with hetzner so that should work.
    The exact line in fstab should look like mentioned at
    I guess we can improve the validation code for the mountpoint further. I wasn't sure how strict it has to be.

  • App Dev

    Hi @nebulon the fstab is set:

    [username]@[id] /backups_sshfs fuse.sshfs defaults,allow_other,_netdev,port=23,IdentityFile=/home/yellowtent/.ssh/,reconnect,uid=yellowtent,gid=yellowtent 0 0

    The ssh key is sitting in the /home/yellowtent/.ssh folder and the /backups_sshfs folder is owned by yellowtent user except when the mount us connected then it shows ?:? for the user and group.
    The mount is currently showing:

    cd /backups_sshfs
    -bash: cd: /backups_sshfs: Input/output error
  • Staff

    That looks like some more generic mount point issue. sshfs is a fuse mount on linux, can you explicitly umount and then mount it again? Also check kernel logs why it didn't properly mount.

  • App Dev

    @nebulon I had to reboot for security updates but I can't see anything in the logs. I did a mount /backups_sshfs but it seems to ask me for the password to connect but the ssh key is present plus when I use the sshfs command manually it uses the key. So a little confused!

  • @ultraviolet I had similiar issues and here is what helped me. As a summary:

    • Ensure that the local mount point is owned by yellowtent:yellowtent

    • Before creating the fstab entry, please try to mount on the command line.

    sudo sshfs -o port=23 -o allow_other,default_permissions,uid=1001,gid=1001,IdentityFile=/home/yellowtent/.ssh/id_rsa user@host /backup_sshfs/

    I have used sudo because I am assuming that you are not logged in as user yellowtent.

  • App Dev

    @Mallewax sorted thanks!

  • @ultraviolet Glad I could help...👍