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Backup & restore active Cloudron installation

  • Hi there,

    Thirst off all I want to say I just signed up for a one year license and really enjoying Cloudron till so far.
    Big thanks for the whole Cloudron team and the active community that's behind it 🎉🥳

    I started with Cloudron as a test in my homelab as a VM. After testing for a month, i started to realise that Cloudron has more to offer for me, so I signed up for a one year license.

    Now with a couple of apps running on the VM install of Cloudron, my space for the VM starts to fill up.

    What's the best and simplest approach to do in this situation? It's an Cloudron install on top of Ubuntu 18.04 OS.

    I guess spin up a new Ubuntu 18.04 VM, with more space assigned to the new VM disk and backup&restore the existing Cloudron installation?

  • App Dev

    @DanTheMan are you hosting this yourself on your own hardware, if so what virtualisation are you using? Or is this in a cloud provider like digital ocean?

  • @ultraviolet i am hosting this my self on an Unraid server.

  • App Dev

    @DanTheMan what I tend to do is mount another disk to the VM and if Ubuntu is setup for LVM you can simply extend the LVM to include the new mounted disk. Or simply install a new VM with more space, and LVM partition (makes it easier) and transfer the app and its data via cloudron's own GUI during setup.

  • @ultraviolet Very clear explanation and a big thanks 👍 for the advice in this.

    I'm going to try this out very soon, if I'll have some time left in the weekend. Never done the part with lvm before, so I want to take the time for it.