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SOLVED Issues with the password reset / account creation email

  • So, a possible bug that I want to confirm:

    • create a new user
    • user gets emailed a link to set a password
    • unfortunately, the link leads you to a page where username isn't prefilled and non-editable (but that's how it should be)
    • entering all data that's available (full name, password, repeat password) and clicking setup shows an error message "email must be a non-empty string" which is odd because there's no email field in the form at all, apart from other issues
  • Staff

    Can you check the account setup link? It should contain those arguments (username, email, ..) in the query part to prefill those in the form.

    Also did you see any JavaScript errors in the browser console?

  • Staff

    Are you using some 1-click image ? We had this bug in the past. For example, the one in time4vps is quite old but they aren't updating it for a while now. Can you tell us the Cloudron version?

  • @girish yes, I've used the Cloudron image from DigitalOcean when setting it up.

    The name said: "Cloudron 5.1.5 on Ubuntu 18.04".

    I clearly am running the newest version now.

    @nebulon I'll check both the setup link and the javascript errors and report back - had it with one user.

  • I've just tested this in detail and it seems to be an issue with the way his email client parses stuff and showing "& amp;" in the URL - sorry about the noise.

  • Staff

    @mario no problem 🙂