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  • Feature request: Integration with LunaNode via their API for DNS management, to join the likes of DigitalOcean, Cloudflare, and more.

    The LunaNode API for DNS is documented here:

    Thank you in advance. 🙂

  • Staff

    The api as such looks simple enough, however lets first see if there is some more interest from others, since we have to keep maintaining this once added and also test that.

    @d19dotca if you are a customer of them, maybe you can also reach out to them and letting them know about the opportunity to get added to Cloudron, since we anyways will need a test account for the implementation.

  • @nebulon For sure, yeah I figured it may need more interest before it's implemented, and realistically I'm probably the only Cloudron user who's hosting on LunaNode (though I'd love to know if others are too), as I think LunaNode is a nice hidden gem that's not overly used yet and I switched to them recently as I had heard great things and their pricing is pretty good. Brief recommendation at the bottom for anyone interested. I'll let them know too about Cloudron in case they can do anything to help out too. 👍

    On the topic of DNS at LunaNode though... it seems pretty awesome from what I can tell, as it has integrated load balancing and failover which is perfect and works with their included monitoring feature too (which is like Uptime Robot but provided by LunaNode), and so if my monitor fails and I have a second DNS entry, it'll automatically remove the failed one from the DNS records temporarily until it's back online, giving only the backup DNS entry for the "hot standby" server. Hoping to take advantage of those features in the not too distant future if it's feasible for me to run a second "hot standby" server. Waiting on Cloudron to add in some functionality to clustering which I think is coming in v6. 😉 Once that's there, I hope to be able to do that. Nudge nudge. haha.

    🗣 Brief recommendation based on my initial tests so far for other Cloudron users who want a good inexpensive hosting provider: I recently moved my Cloudron server from OVH to LunaNode to test out their performance, and the exact same Cloudron server in OVH used to take 10 minutes to fully come online after a reboot in OVH, and having restored that same server in LunaNode it now takes only 2-3 minutes to fully come online. That's also with some memory-intensive applications like Mastodon and NodeBB (which are always the last two to start in my environment given their resource usage). Same 8 GB nodes between OVH and LunaNode too. This performance improvement now cuts my downtime after reboots for security updates by almost 75%! That's my brief recommendation for LunaNode. haha.