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SOLVED Restoration/Migration halt + error code 9109 when I try to restore apps

  • Hi;
    So I made a backup from my Cloudron at Linode to Exoscale than restore the machine at Hetzner from my Exoscale backup as it is mentioned in the doc

    The box setup is backed up and running but I had to modified my DNS entry even if I asked several times Cloudron to do (such as in EMail -> Status -> Re-setup DNS)

    When I try to restore an apps from their backup I receive this message:

    Error : Access Denied - message: Cannot use the access token from location:
     My.New.IP.From.Hetzner statusCode: 403 code:9109

  • if I try to uninstall an apps it end with = Error : Not found - Not found

  • Ok I gotcha myself because anyway I create my own pain 😉

    so from what I understand
    to being able to restore Cloudron verify the DNS first than app/data

    I forgot to authorize my new IP in my Cloudflare API

    code 9109 is probably related to the fact it was unable to edit the DNS.