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    @dylightful there is a bug when setting up Linode Object Storage (it's already fixed in next release). For now, you have to choose S3 compatibly Storage in the Storage provider combo box and input the values. It's the same thing internally, the Linode Object Storage is merely a convenience that fills out some fields like the endpoints.

  • Cloudron Offline

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    @DualOSWinWiz it was Storage issue which i resolved as it was 100% had to increase VM disk space then did bunch of ubuntu commands but it worked. i would recommend having an auto option to delete unwanted packaged related to Coudron.
    What's inside

    Docker 42.08GB OLD Backups


  • PTR problem between Linode & Mastadon

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    I am glad you got it resolved, but just to clarify:

    The MX record is for incoming email. It needs to be set to any domain name that resolves to your server, i.e. has a valid A record. If both and resolve then you can use either for incoming mail. The mismatch was not with the MX record but between the mailserver domain set in Cloudron and the PTR record of the server. At no point did I or anyone else tell you to change the MX record, and no, the PTR error had nothing to with the MX record. I can therefore only assume that you interpreted MX as being something it is not.

    For outgoing mail you need a valid PTR record that matches the mailserver domain. You also need a valid SPF record and a valid DKIM entry.

    Because you set up Cloudron via the Linode app you have presumably told Cloudron to use Linode DNS, which is why it is updating / overriding certain settings. If you do not want it to do that you need to set DNS to manual for the resepctive domain(s).

    The bottom line is: The PTR record and mailserver domain have to match. Where you make the changes depends solely on the domain you want to use for email, i.e. where the entry needed updating to match.

    Btw, I stated every time that you needed to check / update the mail domain in Cloudron, not in the Linode dashboard.

  • Hour gone by -- install STALLED

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    Please stop creating new thread every hour. Follow up at .

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    @DeBossNow It's terrible etiquette and behavior to go around accusing and vilifying (us or anyone for that matter) without verifying something. How would you feel if something did this with you? There are humans in the end of this forum, you know. You are totally not welcome here if you want to continue with such language and behavior.

    We don't even maintain the Cloudron script at Linode, it's all done by Linode. So, take all your queries to them.

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    @DeBossNow it would really help if you could give more context on what you refer to when pasting plain text from presumably the Cloudron dashboard.

    If this is somewhere from the app configure UI, is the app in error state or which state is it in? Is the repair button enabled for that app and if so, have you tried to click that?

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    @carlostph One thing is that what might be causing the upload to stall is the CPU (because of gzip). Can you also check tar cvf - /home/yellowtent/appsdata/<mastodon-app-id/ and pipe that to s3cmd ?

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    @j_vmess your domain works just fine for me here. Maybe it's a browser cache issue? Have you tried another browser or after clearing the browser cache? I removed your domain from the original post, since it was showing the setup screen.

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    I solved the same symptoms by recreating Personal Access Token for Cloudron.
    Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 6.18.06 PM.png
    Read/Write access under Domains required.
    Mine just expired after default set 6 months.

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    Yup, we are also in DigitalOcean, AWS Markplace, Vultr as well. Time4VPS also has an image but it's outdated, unfortunately we don't control that image. If anyone knows other hosting providers where we should integrate let us know 😄 Even better if you have a contact in those providers...

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    Regarding Linode and Mail - default is blocked by Linode:

    Sending Email on Linode

    In an effort to fight spam, Linode restricts outbound connections on ports 25, 465, and 587 on all Linodes for new accounts created after November 5th, 2019.

    If you have a need to send mail from your Linode, we ask that you first configure (1) valid DNS A records and (2) rDNS records for any Linodes that you plan to use to send mail. Then, open a Support ticket from the Linode Manager – we’ll ask you to provide the name of the Linode(s) that will be used for mailing.

    Once you’ve completed those steps and provided that information, our Support team will be happy to review your request.

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    @debossnow said in I don't understand Linode install of cloudron:

    How do I confine different applications to be installed in the directory of the VPS I am choosing to install into?

    Just to re-iterate. This is not possible with linode marketplace images, it's not designed to work that way. You cannot choose "app x" and say install it in this existing VPS. Each app always installs on a fresh linode.

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    @nicolas There's a feature request to monitor network traffic at the app level. If we had that, we could have narrowed this down more quickly.

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    Ok I gotcha myself because anyway I create my own pain 😉

    so from what I understand
    to being able to restore Cloudron verify the DNS first than app/data

    I forgot to authorize my new IP in my Cloudflare API

    code 9109 is probably related to the fact it was unable to edit the DNS.
  • Linode DNS (?)

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    @davisdre The feature is available. Linode DNS is only not available in the initial Cloudron setup screen. This is only because user's were complaining nothing is happening for 15 minutes when they use Linode DNS.

    You can later go to Domains view and change it from wildcard to Linode DNS.


    I will put a note in the docs.