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  • I’ve searched the web and there doesn’t seem to exist one single attempt at integrating Ghost with LDAP. Why is that, I wonder?

    I’m interested in moving some sites over from WP to Ghost but without the userbase being able to automatically access it it’s pretty useless, still.

  • Given that sign-in is clicking an email confirmation link and then it's saved to a cookie until you set a password I'm wondering if you'd even need this and it would be adding complexity?

    If you can import your subscribers names & emails and broadcast an email to send them to their new login link they should all be able to access without their existing LDAP pass.

    Maybe I'm missing something but I would't dismiss Ghost on this basis, a lot of what Ghost doesn't do is a feature of it to keep your focus on the content.

    This is from someone that's a Wordpress lifer, sometimes you just want an app to not have any more features and get on with using it, Ghost is refreshingly that.

    If you want feature extension capabilities then it's probably a Wordpress or maybe Grav project?

  • @marcusquinn said in LDAP integration:

    sometimes you just want an app to not have any more features and get on with using it

    This is the reason I want LDAP in the first place, you see. I don't want users to have to register an extra user for this specific app in the app ecosystem that's otherwise based on the LDAP userbase.

    Subscribers are external and a different class of users as they don't publish.

  • Sorry, don't know then, I guess that as a requirement will limit your options somewhat.

    I would still recommend Ghost over Wordpress for personal professional publishing - but it might just be that managed Wordpress might be better if you need LDAP since with Gutenberg the writing experience at least is similar.

  • Staff

    I found this but in general it seems there is not much interest in doing LDAP integration in their forum.