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SOLVED Terminal reconnect after few seconds

  • Now I have create my next app => MariaDB with adminer as GUI.

    On my local Docker it works just like I imagined it would, but on my Cloudron Instance I can't connect to terminal. After few seconds he try to reconnect. I don't see the cursor to put a command in there.

    It's my first app with supervisor

    Bildschirmfoto vom 2020-07-28 16-05-47.png

  • Staff

    If you follow the logs of the app and if you put some echo "progress" statements in the do you see the app restarting often maybe?

  • Staff

    In the dashboard, do you see the app as 'Running' ?

  • App Dev

    My guess: the healthcheck path you put in the CloudronManifest is not valid, so Cloudron thinks the app is not started correctly and restarts it

  • Good morning,

    I found the problem. It was a supervisor misconfiguration. I copied a wrong template with a logging path that was unreachable.


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