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SOLVED Mobile App support

  • I have asked the Pixelfed dev's what need to be done to be able to use PixelDroid or Fedilab directly with one's instance, this is their reply :

    Mobile support is not activated by default, it needs to be activated manually.

    To enable mobile app support*

    (in the Cloudron context use : sudo -u www-data run php artisan "command" in the app/code/ location )

    • Run php artisan passport:keys (this generates a bunch of keys, ends without error)

    • Add OAUTH_ENABLED=true to .env (I have added this to env.production)

    • Run php artisan config:cache (this runs without error)

    • Run php artisan route:cache (this also runs without error)

    • Run php artisan passport:client --personal (this creates a personal access client token)


    What should we name the personal access client? [rMdes Pixelfed Personal Access Client]:


    Personal access client created successfully.
    Client ID: 1
    Client secret: verylongnumbersletterstoken

    Once all these steps are done, you can use PixelDroid or Fedilab to connect to your Pixelfed instance from your mobile and you're good to go !

  • App Dev

    this is OUTSTANDING! I'm excited to see their official apps come out (closed beta I guess at the moment??)

    Trying this now on my very busy instance 🙂

  • App Dev

    @girish - can we add this to the doc?

  • App Dev

    Does this need to be done for each user? or the app needs this to allow login for any user?

  • @murgero I think once it is done, it's for all the users of this instance!

  • @doodlemania2 Pixeldroid is already pretty cool for a Alpha app :))
    and Fedilab is almost built around mastodon & pixelfed from the get go
    so you can really use the pixelfed features from the fedilab app directly
    I'm quite impressed if this is just the begining, I'm so glad I can really stop using Instagram my pixelfed instance is now my main driver for pictures from mobile & desktop 🙂

  • App Dev

    @murgero Hopefully once per instance, but given it looks like it is creating some sort of PAT, that makes me wonder. I know the Pixelfed team is working on official mobile apps, so surely it wouldn't require PATs per user.

  • App Dev

    @rmdes said in Mobile App support:


    Absent the official apps, still been looking for a good iOS app for Pixelfed.

  • @rmdes said in Mobile App support:


    Thank you for posting this. I also can now post remotely. If anyone is interested, my instance is I am @scooke. I add this because the one time I was able to search, and find, and follow someone was when they shared their entire name

  • Staff

    @rmdes Great write up, thanks. I will integrate this into the package itself so that the mobile app is enabled by default. Can't think of any reason why it's not (I think we do similar for monica app)

  • App Dev

    @girish Will you bump the package when ready?

  • Staff

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