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SOLVED Connecting Nextcloud's mail app to my Cloudron mail server

  • Hello!

    I'm trying to enable Nextcloud to receive email using the mail server with my Cloudron instance. I'm pretty new to all of this stuff so hopefully what I am trying to do is even possible 😛

    It seems Nextcloud is sending email ok for other purposes, but I can't connect to the mail client internal to Nextcloud to receive email. I have enabled incoming email, and a few mailboxes, in the mail server settings on Cloudron. I then used the details provided under the link "use these settings" in the incoming email section on Cloudron to fill in the boxes here:


    I removed the details from the screenshot, but you can see the error I got at the bottom when I clicked Connect. It says "Unexpected error during account creation."

    The documentation for a lot of this stuff seems a little out of date and inaccurate in relation to maybe some new interface changes on Cloudron's side... It could be that I haven't really enabled incoming email, but it appears I have. This is also true for Cloudron's documentation for Nextcloud email config here
    I'm confused why its referring to Rainloop. Am I not able to access the Cloudron email server from Nextcloud directly? Or I need to install Rainloop as like middleware on my Cloudron instance? It says that Rainloop is a Nextcloud app, but I don't see it in the list of options on my current instance... It seems this is the email client they are promoting now, just called "mail", and its the one I took the screenshot of above while trying to configure.

  • Staff

    @Bortseb There are atleast two mail clients on nextcloud. The docs is describing the setup of Rainloop app in nextcloud. Looks like you are using Mail app. I have fixed the docs now to show settings of this Mail app as well -

    About the error itself, if you open the browser console, it gives a better description like:


    After that, I was able to send/recieve mail:


  • For interest, having tested all the webmail offerings via Cloudron: Roundcube, Rainloop, SoGo, Nextcloud Mail.

    I found NextCloud Mail the least useful/useable, and Roundcube the best of what we have available here - but really none of them as good as Thunderbird or another local client. Maybe cover some for occasional remote use or staying inside the Nextcloud ecosystem but would seem awkward to use daily for on a large mailbox.

    The Webmail I'd hope for would be Open Xchange. An upvote here may help:

    Open PaaS looks interesting too but I can't find a thread for it in search for some reason:

    Anyway, you said new, so if you get stuck, I'd go for Roundcube for now and hope the others evolve.

  • @marcusquinn said in Connecting Nextcloud's mail app to my Cloudron mail server:

    Open PaaS looks interesting too but I can't find a thread for it in search for some reason:

    It's here:

  • Thanks @girish that worked! Seems the only thing I did different was turning off STARTTLS in the SMTP section.

    and also thank you @marcusquinn for letting me know all the other options that are better. At this stage I'm just sort of playing around and testing things out to try and get them to work, and seeing how they work.

  • @Bortseb Yeah, best way to get familiar eh! Always worth making up your own mind, I just added in case you were a disappointed once you did get connected and to be aware what I think at least is worth your time on setups, as I know from years of System Admin for a team of about 50, they can often only be as quick or organised as the tools we give them.