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  • Staff

    Hi everyone,

    this is only relevant for our German customers. Due to the economic situation caused by the corona virus, Germany has decided to lower the VAT rate from 19% to 16% from July on.

    I was a bit late to react on this and only changed the applied tax rate for our German customers recently. This means that we had some customers still paying the old 19% rate in July. We have now adjusted all those subscriptions to reflect the change and applied credits towards the next invoice to offset the amount.

    Unfortunately our payment provider stripe does not have the flexibility to retroactively change the invoice. So if anyone needs a corrected invoice for July, please reach out to us at and I will prepare a modified invoice pdf manually.


  • Staff

    @nebulon Is the lower VAT rate permanent or does it hold only for some time frame?

  • It is until 31.12.2020 for Germany.