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SOLVED AWS Route53 connection error: "Zone not found: no such zone"

  • I've setup 4 domains using an identical process, and checked the AWS User/Group/Policies several times, and they all seem identical, except for this one domain just won't get passed this error to connect to the Route53 API.

    The only minor difference I can see is that the Zone ID for this domain is 21 characters long, and all others are 13-15 characters long. I don't know if you calls receive and store that ID in a DB field with a length limit that the 21-char length might hit.

    Other than that, I'm kind of lost for ideas on this one having had no issues with the others all with the same process.

  • Staff

    The current limit from the db on Cloudron for the zone is VARCHAR(128), so I don't think that is the issue. This may be best debugged with that very zone then. Not sure if this is a production server, but if you want, maybe send a mail to if you want us to take a direct look.

  • Staff

    The only obvious thing I can think of is that the zone is somehow not part of the access token policy (but you did mention that you double checked this). The zone must be returned as part of the ListZone API (Route53) call. Also, the zone id is not cached in the database or memory in Cloudron code.

  • Strange eh, it is a staging server intended for production very soon. I think one for a support email then, see if we can get to the bottom of it and learn something. It's one of those, once you've checked everything several times and it all looks the same as a working setup I start to go cross-eyed 🙂

  • Staff

    Thanks @marcusquinn ! There is a bug in the Cloudron code where we were using the wrong API call to list zones when validating the config. was the fix.