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SOLVED New Cloudron version (including pre-release) applied automatically, even if wanting to skip.

  • Hi guys,

    I checked for the version update (5.5) yesterday evening and it was there. However because of the major changes to the databases and the criticality of some of the apps running in my Cloudron, I opted not to install it. However I logged in this morning and saw it was installed overnight.

    Shouldn't pre-release builds (at the very least) be installed only when fully intentional / directed by the admin user? In other words, if I check for a release and see one available but realize it's a pre-release and therefore don't directly hit the Update Now button, I would expect that it does NOT update, but unfortunately it still did during the night.

    I think this is a bug and needs to be fixed. I know this may relate to the forum post where we requested the ability to install pre-release builds, and I still want that functionality, but I feel like it follows the exact same format as the full stable release where it gets pushed once Cloudron knows about it.

    Pre-release builds should not be updated automatically, IMO.

  • Staff

    @d19dotca I agree it's not the expected behavior. As you found out, if you check for an update manually and left it at that, it will update to that release. The logic relies on people not checking for an update at all.

    I put this for the next release -

  • Staff

    FWIW, we don't actually have unstable releases as such. Just early adopters and late adopters. But we are moving slowly as you saw to give more control over backups and updates. Currently, the update settings still only covers "app updates" and not platform updates. Having more control over when the platform updates is coming next release as well.

  • Staff

    This is fixed in the next release (5.6).

  • @girish Thank you kindly! 🙂