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Keeping Track of User or Usergroup Storage

  • I think it might be beneficial to have some stats or tracking mechanism for the server resource usage of users or usergroups in Cloudron, as this would enable non enterprise and multiple user servers to share hardware resources fairly The use case scenario here would be communities or groups of people who want to share, and spread the word on self hosting open source applications.

    The biggest variable in my mind, in terms of calculating costs, is the amount of storage a user or usergroup uses. Is there someway to track this, so that a percentage share of storage provisioned can be worked out?

    I've read elsewhere that Netdata might be the way to go, to get detailed info on server resource use. Would this work for seeing a Cloudron user's share of mounted NFS storage for instance? Or is this something that is better accomplished from inside specific apps, like say Nextcloud.

  • Staff

    Did I understand correctly that you want to get the storage that each user consumes across apps? Like total storage a user has in all the apps they have access to - GitLab+Nextcloud+WordPress+xxx+Email . I am not sure how this can be implemented since apps don't expose this sort of information.

  • Yeah, I was hoping to get a picture of the storage used by a user or usergroup across all apps on Cloudron. Apart from companies or single user installs of Cloudron, the thinking was that enabling groups of people to share a server and switch to self hosted open source
    software would involve having insight into the main variable resource - the storage - in order for the cost sharing to be transparent.

    I understand that's it's not feasible to implement, so will need to think of other community models for resource sharing. Mounting a users own NFS storage is an option, but Cloudron apps are restricted to a single storage location per app instance. Perhaps users mounting their own external storage in an app like Nextcloud is an option.

    Any thoughts on a clean model for this kind of resource sharing scenario? This seems to me an important consideration for "regular" users of Cloudron, who might want to get together in order to make switching over from Google etc. financially viable.

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