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  • Hi! My tar zip backups are failing with the below error with Backblaze B2 as the S3 target. It seems like the backup file is being split into too many parts for B2 to handle. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    2020-08-19T08:36:19.433Z box:shell backup-snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a (stdout): 2020-08-19T08:36:19.432Z box:storage/s3 Error uploading [snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc]: s3 upload error. { InvalidRequest: Part number must be in the range 1 - 10000
        at Request.extractError (/home/yellowtent/box/node_modules/aws-sdk/lib/services/s3.js:831:35)
        at Request.callListeners (/home/yellowtent/box/node_modules/aws-sdk/lib/sequential_executor.js:106:20)
        at Request.emit (/home/yellowtent/box/node_modules/aws-sdk/lib/sequential_executor.js:78:10)
        at Request.emit (/home/yellowtent/box/node_modules/aws-sdk/lib/request.js:683:14)
        at Request.transition (/home/yellowtent/box/node_modules/aws-sdk/lib/request.js:22:10)
        at AcceptorStateMachine.runTo (/home/yellowtent/box/node_modules/aws-sdk/lib/state_machine.js:14:12)
        at /home/yellowtent/box/node_modules/aws-sdk/lib/state_machine.js:26:10
        at Request.<anonymous> (/home/yellowtent/box/node_modules/aws-sdk/lib/request.js:38:9)
        at Request.<anonymous> (/home/yellowtent/box/node_modules/aws-sdk/lib/request.js:685:12)
        at Request.callListeners (/home/yellowtent/box/node_modules/aws-sdk/lib/sequential_executor.js:116:18)
      message: 'Part number must be in the range 1 - 10000',
      code: 'InvalidRequest',
      region: null,
      time: 2020-08-19T08:36:19.429Z,
      requestId: 'e930d8fea6dda8be',
      extendedRequestId: 'aNzM2bGOIM/xhPWHzMxRhNmb3ZLUzRTBO',
      cfId: undefined,
      statusCode: 400,
      retryable: false,
      retryDelay: 20000 }
  • Staff

    Looks like the tarball is too large with the set part size. Partsize is currently set to 10 * 1024 * 1024 so 10Mb however we already had to apply a provider specific change for scaleway where it is 100Mb. Looks like we have to do the same for B2 then.

  • Staff

    @adrw Is your data more than 100GB ? (Because 10MB with 10000 parts is 100G).

  • @girish Yes, it's above 100GB. My Nextcloud instance is currently 269GB and growing towards more than 800GB once the migration from old system is complete. Would adding a configuration option for the part size to make it higher fix this? A strict B2 cap on 1000 parts seems to be quite the limit for larger sized files.

  • Staff

    @adrw Can you try to change /home/yellowtent/box/src/storage/s3.js (line 124) (

    Change from:

            const partSize = apiConfig.provider === 'scaleway-objectstorage' ? 100 * 1024 * 1024 : 10 * 1024 * 1024;

    Change to:

            const partSize = apiConfig.provider === 'scaleway-objectstorage' ? 100 * 1024 * 1024 : 100 * 1024 * 1024;

    The above bumps the part size to 100MB, which will let you upload 1TB. No need to restart anything after code change. Then, go to Backups -> Advanced on Cloudron dashboard and also bump the memory limit a bit to say 600MB atleast. Can you tell me if that works?

    I will look into making the part size configurable.

  • @girish Running a tar backup against that change now, will report back if it succeeds. Many thanks!

  • Staff

    OK, I have added an option now to adjust the part size for the next release (Cloudron 5.6)

  • @girish The task failed again but for a different error. Seems to have lost connection when doing some backup cleaning/copying but succeeded in the huge upload?

    2020-08-20T03:28:39.027Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Uploading backup 261266M@8MBps ("}
    2020-08-20T03:28:49.028Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Uploading backup 261294M@8MBps ("}
    2020-08-20T03:28:59.029Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Uploading backup 261317M@8MBps ("}
    2020-08-20T03:29:09.030Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Uploading backup 261345M@8MBps ("}
    2020-08-20T03:29:19.031Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Uploading backup 261390M@8MBps ("}
    2020-08-20T03:29:29.034Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Uploading backup 261457M@8MBps ("}
    2020-08-20T03:29:39.032Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Uploading backup 261522M@8MBps ("}
    2020-08-20T03:29:49.032Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Uploading backup 261601M@8MBps ("}
    2020-08-20T03:29:56.402Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Uploading backup 261637M@8MBps ("}
    2020-08-20T03:30:06.215Z box:shell backup-snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a (stdout): 2020-08-20T03:30:06.214Z box:storage/s3 Uploaded snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc: {"Location":"/snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc","Bucket":"my-adrw-xyz","Key":"snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc","ETag":"fbc3fed6990815ff54f0592796eca14c-2617"}
    2020-08-20T03:30:06.215Z box:shell backup-snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a (stdout): 2020-08-20T03:30:06.215Z box:backupupload upload completed. error:  null
    2020-08-20T03:30:06.215Z box:backups runBackupUpload: result - {"result":""}
    2020-08-20T03:30:06.242Z box:backups uploadAppSnapshot: snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a done. 32823.048 seconds
    2020-08-20T03:30:06.380Z box:backups Rotating app backup of c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a to id 2020-08-19-181531-419/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a_2020-08-20-033006-242_v4.6.2
    2020-08-20T03:30:07.425Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Copying 0-1. 0 errors so far. concurrency set to 10 ("}
    2020-08-20T03:30:07.425Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Copying (multipart) snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc ("}
    2020-08-20T03:30:07.760Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Copying part 1 - /my-adrw-xyz/snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc bytes=0-1073741824 ("}
    2020-08-20T03:31:20.207Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Uploaded part 1 - Etag: \"1f5ae6cb5ec75ed806045d2f442cf177\" ("}
    2020-08-20T03:31:20.207Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Copying part 2 - /my-adrw-xyz/snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc bytes=1073741825-2147483649 ("}
    2020-08-20T03:32:31.745Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Uploaded part 2 - Etag: \"74e13bdc924657c1c0c9eb034a3bf9a8\" ("}
    2020-08-20T03:32:31.745Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Copying part 3 - /my-adrw-xyz/snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc bytes=2147483650-3221225474 ("}
    2020-08-20T03:33:30.986Z box:tasks 1670: 
    {"percent":69.75,"message":"Copying part 90 - /my-adrw-xyz/snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc bytes=95563022425-96636764249 ("}
    2020-08-20T05:46:18.866Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Uploaded part 90 - Etag: \"f3d111e24e97840df094997cbd0c64e0\" ("}
    2020-08-20T05:46:18.867Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Copying part 91 - /my-adrw-xyz/snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc bytes=96636764250-97710506074 ("}
    2020-08-20T05:47:20.624Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Uploaded part 91 - Etag: \"dacc244b6a06c615164bdc672fa99ee7\" ("}
    2020-08-20T05:47:20.625Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Copying part 92 - /my-adrw-xyz/snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc bytes=97710506075-98784247899 ("}
    2020-08-20T05:48:29.146Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Uploaded part 92 - Etag: \"3f2e9e925b07a5a986c3ea30af6848fd\" ("}
    2020-08-20T05:48:29.146Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Copying part 93 - /my-adrw-xyz/snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc bytes=98784247900-99857989724 ("}
    2020-08-20T05:53:29.466Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Retrying (1) multipart copy of snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc. Error: TimeoutError: Connection timed out after 300000ms undefined ("}
    2020-08-20T05:58:49.907Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Retrying (2) multipart copy of snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc. Error: TimeoutError: Connection timed out after 300000ms undefined ("}
    2020-08-20T06:04:10.395Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Retrying (3) multipart copy of snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc. Error: TimeoutError: Connection timed out after 300000ms undefined ("}
    2020-08-20T06:06:46.823Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Retrying (4) multipart copy of snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc. Error: InternalError: connection pool timed out for 500 ("}
    2020-08-20T06:12:07.075Z box:tasks 1670: {"percent":69.75,"message":"Retrying (5) multipart copy of snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc. Error: TimeoutError: Connection timed out after 300000ms 500 ("}
  • Staff

    @adrw It looks like the upload succeeded! What has failed is the copying part number (which also has a part size). This is hardcoded to 5GB. It seems B2 takes more than 300 seconds to copy a 5GB file. Can you please adjust this line -

                const largeFileLimit = apiConfig.provider === 'exoscale-sos' ? 1024 * 1024 * 1024 : 5 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024;


                const largeFileLimit = apiConfig.provider === 'exoscale-sos' ? 1024 * 1024 * 1024 : 1 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024;

    So we are reducing part size to 1GB above. I will make copy part size configurable as well then.

  • @girish Awesome! Going to give that a shot and report back. Thanks again for your help, very hyped to get back to using tar backups and cutting my B2 ingress costs.

  • Staff

    @adrw It looks like my suggestion was wrong. We always only do 1GB copies, I read the code wrong. Re-reading the logs it seems that after around 90 parts, the copies start failing (so ~90GB). It seems the server returned a 500. We might have to contact b2 and ask them if they have size restrictions on file copies.

  • @girish Thanks, it did fail though it seem to succeed up to 146 parts and then the logs start so I'm assuming a timeout of the backup job.

    Would it be possible to extend the timeout on the Cloudron backup task?

    2020-08-21T01:08:00.405Z box:tasks 1680: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Uploading backup 261505M@8MBps ("}
    2020-08-21T01:08:10.403Z box:tasks 1680: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Uploading backup 261566M@8MBps ("}
    2020-08-21T01:08:20.924Z box:tasks 1680: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Uploading backup 261631M@8MBps ("}
    2020-08-21T01:08:30.844Z box:shell backup-snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a (stdout): 2020-08-21T01:08:30.844Z box:storage/s3 Uploaded snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc: {"Location":"/snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc","Bucket":"my-adrw-xyz","Key":"snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc","ETag":"26a95d5fe8b46062247614c72801c523-2617"}
    2020-08-21T01:08:30.844Z box:shell backup-snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a (stdout): 2020-08-21T01:08:30.844Z box:backupupload upload completed. error:  null
    2020-08-21T01:08:30.844Z box:backups runBackupUpload: result - {"result":""}
    2020-08-21T01:08:31.020Z box:backups uploadAppSnapshot: snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a done. 32181.605 seconds
    2020-08-21T01:08:31.043Z box:backups Rotating app backup of c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a to id 2020-08-20-160520-230/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a_2020-08-21-010831-020_v4.6.2
    2020-08-21T01:08:32.129Z box:tasks 1680: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Copying 0-1. 0 errors so far. concurrency set to 10 ("}
    2020-08-21T01:08:32.130Z box:tasks 1680: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Copying (multipart) snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc ("}
    2020-08-21T01:08:32.505Z box:tasks 1680: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Copying part 1 - /my-adrw-xyz/snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc bytes=0-1073741824 ("}
    2020-08-21T01:09:31.700Z box:tasks 1680: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Uploaded part 1 - Etag: \"d2ad221b465e2361c366950c1eefb51c\" ("}
    2020-08-21T01:09:31.700Z box:tasks 1680: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Copying part 2 - /my-adrw-xyz/snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc bytes=1073741825-2147483649 ("}
    2020-08-21T01:10:23.055Z box:tasks 1680: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Uploaded part 2 - Etag: \"34af51edde0b3805ac418e080a860660\" ("}
    2020-08-21T01:10:23.055Z box:tasks 1680: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Copying part 3 - /my-adrw-xyz/snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc bytes=2147483650-3221225474 ("}
    2020-08-21T01:13:38.471Z box:tasks 1680: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Uploaded part 3 - Etag: \"9c2fa7630ffb42e4879fa3454c52ba63\" ("}
    2020-08-21T01:13:38.471Z box:tasks 1680: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Copying part 4 - /my-adrw-xyz/snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc bytes=3221225475-4294967299 ("}
    2020-08-21T04:02:05.786Z box:tasks 1680: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Uploaded part 143 - Etag: \"c2379cf098ff6e944931add463449190\" ("}
    2020-08-21T04:02:05.786Z box:tasks 1680: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Copying part 144 - /my-adrw-xyz/snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc bytes=153545080975-154618822799 ("}
    2020-08-21T04:03:08.359Z box:tasks 1680: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Uploaded part 144 - Etag: \"d163000653b34764f469adf7ef1038cf\" ("}
    2020-08-21T04:03:08.359Z box:tasks 1680: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Copying part 145 - /my-adrw-xyz/snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc bytes=154618822800-155692564624 ("}
    2020-08-21T04:04:20.333Z box:tasks 1680: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Uploaded part 145 - Etag: \"4b38a4e475683fefcb35e3d20af5d93d\" ("}
    2020-08-21T04:04:20.333Z box:tasks 1680: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Copying part 146 - /my-adrw-xyz/snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc bytes=155692564625-156766306449 ("}
  • Staff

    @adrw The timeout comes from . It's set to 600 seconds. Maybe we can try changing it to 1000 ?

  • Thanks @girish ! Going to try that out, mine was previously set to 300, so 1000 should hopefully be a sufficient allowance. Will report back.

  • @girish I adjusted the timeout for the L71 you mentioned to 10000 and it the task is still getting killed for taking too long. Is there any broader Cloudron task wide timeout or backup configuration for the entire task vs the L71 which seems to be more focused on the individual network call timeout?

    Task 1735 timed out
    Aug 28 10:57:29 box:tasks 1735: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Copying part 157 - /my-adrw-xyz/snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc bytes=167503724700-168577466524 ("}
    Aug 28 10:58:20 box:tasks 1735: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Uploaded part 157 - Etag: \"f6e793337c89eb34cb8c62448a4fe6f7\" ("}
    Aug 28 10:58:20 box:tasks 1735: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Copying part 158 - /my-adrw-xyz/snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc bytes=168577466525-169651208349 ("}
    Aug 28 10:59:18 box:tasks 1735: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Uploaded part 158 - Etag: \"81a168929546a77af7262d1d1304854d\" ("}
    Aug 28 10:59:18 box:tasks 1735: {"percent":71.58823529411765,"message":"Copying part 159 - /my-adrw-xyz/snapshot/app_c4dd3c6d-806e-454b-beba-4cdd3f29865a.tar.gz.enc bytes=169651208350-170724950174 ("}

  • @girish Any ideas on how to proceed given the continued timeouts?

  • @girish Alternatively, can we add configurability of parallel copy threads similar to what was added to the rsync advanced configuration options? If we can increase parallel copying than I think this tar backup task will succeed.

  • Staff

    @adrw said in Tar Backups timing out on too large part number:

    Task 1735 timed out

    @adrw Something else is going on. The above error message suggests that the backup task took more than 12 hours. Is that the case? Was backup running for more than 12 hours?

  • @girish Yes, pretty sure it was.

  • Staff

    @adrw In that case, the real issue is . There is a timeout of 12 hours for backup tasks. Can you bump it to like 36 or something?

    For copy concurrency, there is already a slider for that. Don't you see it under advanced? Note that where it is failing now is that it has to copy the parts of the same file (basically, the single file is so big that we have to split it up into many parts). I have to check if parallel multi-part copy is allowed. If it is, it's easy to do.