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  • I have my own CloudPBX , its based on my own code, apache server, VOIP server , Linux server/

    how can I organize hosting it on cloudron ?

  • Staff

    Welcome here 🙂

    If you want to run your custom app on Cloudron, the app has to be packaged in a specific way. You can find resources how to do so at
    We are also happy to help you out if you have any questions here.


  • After reading the docs, I am still have questions regarding my application :

    1. What if its not only WEB application. its require many processes to be running (not only apache, but STUN server, Voip asterisk server, database, and a number of Linux packages like ffmpeg, sox, wget, php modules etc. ) - all have to be linked between each other using drivers. I compile, install them manually every deployment
      By other ways - I can't push it into one docker image, how I can organize my server ?

    Second question - how much I have to pay to play my application on your application store ?

    regards, George

  • Staff

    @app4business If you are familiar with Heroku, Cloudron is similar. Many of the services like STUN/TURN, database (mysql,postgres), cache (redis) are already part of the platform. You just have to put them in a manifest file to get access to those services. As for the linux packages you need, Cloudron uses Docker as the app packaging format. You can put them in your app's Dockerfile. You can checkout many of the complex apps we have packaged - (look for repos with -app).

    Finally, there is no cost to put your app on our app store. Main requirement is that your app package needs to be opensource. The app itself can be closed source and any license. This lets us support/maintain your app package and also audit it for security.

  • App Dev

    @app4business You can run many things at once in a docker container. It's not the usual "docker way", but it's totally possible.

    Basically, I suggest you take a look at : these are all the services that the cloudron platform can handle on behalf of your app (in your case, I think it would be STUN/TURN and the database).

    The rest, you can package all in a single container, take a look at .