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SOLVED Can I install Cloudron locally and still use my same license as the one running in the cloud

  • That would be very helpful for development. I looked at your main page and it doesn't say how many machines I can install Cloudron on?

  • it's one per, but if you ask nicely and keep making apps, the Cloudron gods may smile at you.

  • @robi Well, I don’t plan on stopping, personally. I’m having a blast writing the OpenVPN Client app and I have so many more ideas. But, one at a time here. 😅

  • Staff

    Cloudron subscriptions are per Cloudron/server instance. It does not matter where the Cloudron is installed. If you want to migrate your Cloudron from a VPS to some system at home, you can follow the guide at this will also migrate the license.

  • @nebulon Oh, I have no intention of moving from the cloud and have no reason to run it at home. It would just make my development flow for the OpenVPN Client app I'm working on faster since it'd be localhost (my everyday work laptop). But, like I said, due to the way you guys designed cloudron build and cloudron update, it's actually pretty fast even in the cloud. One of my favorite aspects about your platform so far - ease of development.

    So I'll just keep doing that...well, I guess I could keep switching it back and forth, developing locally and then seeing how it performs in the cloud after the app is finished. I don't use Cloudron for anything production related right now, I'm just happily building apps to see how far we can take this platform. 🎉