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    @nebulon Oh, I have no intention of moving from the cloud and have no reason to run it at home. It would just make my development flow for the OpenVPN Client app I'm working on faster since it'd be localhost (my everyday work laptop). But, like I said, due to the way you guys designed cloudron build and cloudron update, it's actually pretty fast even in the cloud. One of my favorite aspects about your platform so far - ease of development.

    So I'll just keep doing that...well, I guess I could keep switching it back and forth, developing locally and then seeing how it performs in the cloud after the app is finished. I don't use Cloudron for anything production related right now, I'm just happily building apps to see how far we can take this platform. 🎉

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    @necrevistonnezr said in Why not make Cloudron fully open source again?:

    Or they pull a Hashicorp.

    Yeah. I guess this led to the OpenTofu (aka OpenTF) fork that is now under the stewardship of the Linux Foundation.

    Directus made a similar move over to a BSL license a few months ago. I was really sympathetic to BSL licensing in principle, but soured when in the specific case of Directus the product went from open source to any business that makes more than $5M in revenue must now pay them $500~$700/mo. to self host Directus. They don't actually publish that information. I've got clients operating very low-margin businesses who would find themselves in serious trouble. I don't imagine most people installing Directus on Cloudron understand what licensing cliff they're eventually going to walk off of.

    Still, I'll take an open source product that could go this direction any day over a proprietary commercial product that can make such arbitrary changes without accountability or recourse.

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    @scooke said in Cloudron Pricing and Licensing Help:

    I'm just thinking digitally here, but most fonts, Wordpress themes and plugins (and other paid themes and plugins), etc. are for one installation/project.

    As you mention it, first fonts are not in the same category as Wordpress which carries a General Public License (GPL) which carries the obligation to ALL themes and plugins to be produce and distributed under the exact same condition, meaning they must be GPL as well.

    Limiting the number of instance installation in the case of themes or plugins for Wordpress, or any FOSS which comes with such license of freedom, is among the biggest SCAM going on in this sphere right now, as this is a violation of the GPL license which, among other things, stipulate that once you have a copy, you can freely copy and distribute it under the same license's terms. Hence, technically speaking, if a wp theme developer does limits you in the number of instances you can install, then he's breaking the license himself which they still pretend to be GPL which is an absolute non-sense.

    Clourdon is NOT GPL, nor even open source if I'm not mistaken, right now, even though most of the software part of the offer are. That's not a problem at all. simply because you do not absolutely need a Cloudron box to run any of the software offer which are coming with GPL. When one pays for either cPanel or Plesk the principle is the same, the prices are always PER INSTANCE, obviously, and that is even though they too offer GPL apps installation via their dashboard via Softaculous and the like.

    My 2 cents worth, tale care 🙂

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    If Cloudron Dev were relicensing GPL code to MIT, it would be an issue indeed, but that's not the case.

    FYI, not all Cloudron code is open source (FOSS).
    I'm not happy about it, but it's a comprise I can take, like so many others I have already in my life. 😉

    Working with non-profits, I wish Cloudron could be free for all of them, but I understand cloudron dev should be paid for their work. Maintaining up to date, developing features and adding apps for the platform is a lot of work and is difficult to do when you don't have money to live a decent life.

    @kimmy I hope you can find a solution that works for you.

  • Licencing'ly speaking

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    Our subscriptions are per Cloudron instance, so per server. We might add multihost or some kind of cluster feature in the future, but so far there was no strong focus on this yet.