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SOLVED Remote SQL Support on a per app basis

  • Oh, the irony. I got a VPS because my shared host didn’t allow Remote SQL-ing into the database. And lo and behold, I found out yesterday there was no way to make Sequel Pro work with Cloudron Subcontainers. I have a couple ideas. Like making an SSH user that auto-logs into an app with cloudron exec so that Sequel Pro can just use its SSH feature to remote SQL. But I don’t know if running a command automatically after logging into SSH is even possible.

    This was mainly discussed here, but I think it’s be a great addition to Cloudron to have:

    And this may have been one of the primary reasons I switched to an VPS but I fell in love with Cloudron after this week so I can make due with PHPMyAdmin as soon as I find out if I can “side-install” it into the Wordpress Unmanaged app.

  • Staff

    I haven't used Sequel Pro, but you can connect using MySQL Workbench using the "Standard TCP/IP over SSH". Most modern clients should support this since it's the standard way to connect to databases behind a bastion host.

    The MySQL hostname is gotten from output of docker inspect mysql | grep IPAddress on Cloudron. The other mysql values are gotten from cloudron exec --app myapp env | grep CLOUDRON_MYSQL.



  • @girish It worked perfectly! You are my hero rn. Sequel Pro is so much better than PHPMyAdmin ever could be. There's no way I could have figured out all of those commands to get the credentials on my own, thank you so much for telling me how you do it! ☺

  • @girish Just bookmarked your reply since I know I'll need it for other apps in the future. You have no idea how grateful I am. ☺