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Are there any issues with the Divy builder theme?

  • I have a vague memory of some of the builders not being compatible with the Cloudron version of WP as they change too many things.

    Does anyone have experience with it either way?

  • Staff

    I have seen some of our customers use Elementor Pro (but in the unmanaged wordpress). Probably works in Managed WP as well.

  • @girish Ah it must be elementor that didn't work, hence being used in unmanaged.

    Let's hope that means Divy is ok in managed WP.

  • @robi
    if you mean divi by elegantthemes, it work perfectly we offer it included in the hosting fee, and we will switch to cloudron in the near future.
    and in 10 weeks of testing we didn't find any issue with it.

  • Some themes require installing plugins. I don't know if Divy (haven't worked with Divy in years) or Elementor Pro (never worked with) require the use of additional plugins to get working. But if that were the case for any given theme, only WP Unmanaged would work because WP Managed allows no plugin configuration, right?

  • Divi and Elementor (Pro) works perfectly fine in WordPress managed and unmanaged, having used them both over the last while in WordPress apps in Cloudron. I believe I made some tweaks to php memory though just to speed up editing in the backend but that wasn't necessary, depends on your usage really for that part. Oh and I think Divi works fine but it's Health Check page suggests increasing the max script execution time though that's never been a problem really. Hope that helps 🙂

  • @Lonk Managed definitely allows plugins. The only real difference in Managed is that it locks down core WordPress updates and supports LDAP (though hoping Unmanaged will support LDAP too soon enough, I believe that's going to come soon after 6.0 is out).

  • Oh, interesting - thanks for the info. I didn’t know Managed allowed plug-ins. Cool. Unmanaged also allows you to edit the code via SFTP which is my main reason for using it now that I know Managed Supports plugins (which was my only other reason).

  • @d19dotca I can confirm Elementor (and Pro) works perfectly well with both managed and unmanaged versions. Same with Divi.

  • @ruihildt said in Are there any issues with the Divy builder theme?:

    @d19dotca I can confirm Elementor (and Pro) works perfectly well with both managed and unmanaged versions. Same with Divi.

    Thank you!

    It looks like both of those improved over the last two years and have contributed and extended WP so things are much more compatible, and doesn't affect the read-only Cloudron app install.

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