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SOLVED Changing a WP installation from one cloudron app/subdomain to another? (same cloudron instance)

  • I've been building a WP site on cloudron to replace an old one.. it's using a staging subdomain on a different domain than the live site.

    I'm now ready to add the live domain to cloudron and change the WP's base URL... is there a simple way to do this or must I manually migrate the WP content, theme, settings, plug-in, etc?

  • There is a very simple way : go to Location of your app, 75f6b30f-34d9-4fbf-8613-c1da968cdfa7-image.png
    and simply make it so that the first domain is the domain you want to run the app on.
    if other people are still using the subdomain, add it as a redirection to the main location.
    cloudron should clean previous URL and make your wordpress shiny with your new domain.

    Another way you can go is to backup and download the JSON file of your backup
    install a clean WP on the domain target, restore the backup and you're done.

  • @rmdes thanks! Just what I needed. Didn't realize it was so simple, ha

  • @jordanurbs Happens a lot with Cloudron :))

  • @rmdes it just gets better and better 😄

  • can you modify the title a bit for clarity since this isn't a migration but more of a swaping or switching?


    UPDATE: it's been modified within 2m, thanks to @girish

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