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Troubleshooting DNS

  • As it happens, we had a DNS provider drop out on us, and Cloudron didn't have a way to tell us.

    Can we have a set of critical alerts that happen when Cloudron figures out that for example your domain NS servers are no longer reachable and that everything will start failing soon as local IP caches expire. 😉

    Something in the Dashboard would be good too.

  • Staff

    On the same lines, I wanted to display domain expiry information and give alerts when a domain expires. I am paranoid about expiring 😄 Granted, our DNS provider will spam us towards the end of it's expiry anyways but still... I remember looking into the whois protocol to see if we can get this information. Does anyone know more about this?

  • @girish domain expiry is more of a calendaring function IMO

    but a whois query at domain setup could get you that date which Cloudron could remember and prompt during that month via notification.

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