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  • Often waiting on certain log messages after a fix requires changing screens or fake searches just to see the latest messages.

    A refresh button could add a manual way to see the latest.

    Another idea would be to refresh every 5 seconds only when on that page.

    A better idea would be to AJAXify it so it gets push messages while on the page a la tail -f

  • Staff

    The backend currently does not have a wholesome event/socketio system yet. Due to that we were reducing the amount of polling in various places to speed up the UI overall.

    Since adding event sources for push messages is a bit out of scope for now, given the additional benefit might not be very high, I think a refresh button is a good solution for the time being. I will see how I can add that.

  • Staff

    I've added that now. I wasn't sure where to exactly put the button, so I decided to put it where it looked better:


    It kinda didn't visually fit well next do the filter input group on the left.

  • @nebulon nice work, it will do!

    Thank you kindly.