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Harbor - Container Registry and more

  • Features

    Made by VMware, this “enterprise-class registry server” is more than just a registry. It presents many features:

    • Role based access control: users and repositories are organized via ‘projects’ and a user can have different permissions for images under a project.
    • Policy based image replication: images can be replicated (synchronized) between multiple registry instances, with auto-retry on errors. Great for load balancing, high availability, multi-datacenter, hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios.
    • Vulnerability Scanning: Harbor regularly scans images and warns users of vulnerabilities. (maybe extend this to Apps?)
    • LDAP/AD support: Harbor integrates with existing enterprise LDAP/AD for user authentication and management.
    • Image deletion & garbage collection: images can be deleted and their space can be recycled.
    • Notary: image authenticity can be ensured.
    • Graphical user portal: user can easily browse, search repositories and manage projects.
    • Auditing: all the operations to the repositories are tracked.
    • RESTful API: RESTful APIs for most administrative operations, easy to integrate with external systems.

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