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Option in web app configuration to set path when clicking icon

  • Lots of web apps allow you to set tokens so that only people with the token can use them and all POSTs and GETs require them. I'm working with an app that uses a live debugger on the root of it's filesystem. But it requires a token. So, when I hit the app in the Cloudron Dashboard it goes leads me to an "unauthorized" page. Is there a way to select the "URL" the user goes to when clicking the app icon. For me I'd put in my /?token=x, but I imagine a lot of people will put in Wordpress' login page rather than the Wrodpress public front end. I am one of those places. I have one place I want to go in the WP backend, so I'd put that link in there directly. I see this being an easy modification and could be very useful to people.

    Maybe in the future, make it have per-user type controls. But for now, just making the path custom would be a godsend.

  • Staff

    The main link target cannot be changed, since anyways the hitting the domain directly and not through the Cloudron dashboard would result in the same issue. However there is (looks like still uncodumented) CloudronManifest.json field configurePath which, if present, will show an additional action item on hover at the moment. For example in surfer this is set to /_admin and thus brings the user directly to the admin panel.

  • @nebulon That's EXACTLY what I want. Basically a configurable "backend" path button.

  • @Lonk The app I'm creating using the token is a private docker anyway so adding it into the Cloudron manifest works for my needs.

  • Thanks for telling me about it, love it when there was an undocumented feature that you needed right when you needed it. ☺

    Because not all web apps have front ends - this I find incredibly valuable information!

  • Staff

    Yes this is a good reminder to document it. I have made a note to do it on monday.

  • @nebulon Always the speedster with the changes. Thanks for making the option more accessible to others! ☺

  • I just realized I could have just done this with TamperMonkey, but I still appreciate that it was a built in feature already. 🎉

  • Staff

    Since @girish has setup the ci pipeline in Gitlab for our docs to push into a surfer instance, such changes are so easy now!

    So is up.