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  • Is there any appetite to package the other Kopano Apps for Cloudron? The screenshots at-least look interesting...

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    100% down. Doesn't @fbartels work there?

    It would be cool to have the whole suite of apps as an alternative to Nextcloud.

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    @atrilahiji said in Other Kopano Products:

    Doesn't @fbartels work there?

    Yes, indeed.

    I've been talking about this with the cloudron devs for some years already (we even had a half working concept). What makes it more complicated is that the groupware part of Kopano brings it's own mailstore, whereas Cloudron is using Dovecot for this.

    The other challenge would be "how to commercialize it on cloudron?". The current business model of Kopano is access to tested versions and support for our software, where in Cloudron every user has access to the same versions.

  • @fbartels Nice, keep an open mind. I'm working on the business model aspect of the whole Cloudron thing because FOSS is equally marketing for the dev-direct enterprise versions. This whole migration journey has me inspired!

    I want to present them to clients as interchangeable based on their level. Ultimately, any software or service that makes a business successful then feeds reinvestment in that software and dev team.

    Devs are too busy to worry about business models, so that's for people like me to do for them in return for what they do for us with the constant coding. 🙂

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    @marcusquinn said in Other Kopano Products:

    I'm working on the business model aspect of the whole Cloudron thing

    Yes, i have seen your posts. What's not quite clear to me is if your are building a model for the profit of (and with) @nebulon and @girish or to profit yourself. It sounds so far as if it's the latter.

    Groupware is also a bit of a different topic, than for example wordpress customisation. Where you almost always need a skilled webdev for optimisation and customisation.

    For other platforms we already have models of completely paid for apps (that then come with platform dependent integration) or free apps where you need to provide some credentials to get access to updates. But both these models currently do not work with Cloudron.

    But in the end this is all something that we need to figure out behind the scenes with the cloudron @staff.

  • @fbartels Not particularly, I have a business.

    It's more for developers and admins. My interest is always that the more they get paid, the more favours I can ask 🙂

    Sure, certainly supporting and promoting Cloudron too but my primary business is ecommerce and apps are peripheral to that but certainly necessary and the right choices and setups there can make all the difference between systems being a benefit or a cost.

    Yeah, sure, in my experience there's always a way to make sure everyone wins. I just don't do business in any other way.

    The Kopano Groupware does look amazing, so if I can get around to trialing on my travels, certainly could be good to recommend either on Cloudron or directly.

    Sorry, I must be talking in riddles, I'm still fleshing out the ideas TBH.

    Experience I have, time I'm mostly impatient with myself for, making brilliant systems & designs I love.

    First impressions when I saw all the other Kopano stuff was very impressed, hence the thread and happy to discover.

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    @marcusquinn said in Other Kopano Products:

    trialing on my travels has a docker-compose.yml that provides an easy testing environment.

  • @fbartels Sweet. Will give it a spin.