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  • "IceHrm employee management system allows companies to centralise confidential employee information and define access permissions to authorised personnel to ensure that employee information is both secure and accessible."

  • App Dev

    @marcusquinn Looks like it's PHP. My specialty lmao. Testing in a LAMP app to see how it works before packaging is probably a good idea too.

  • This functionality is available in Dolibarr (enable the plugin)

  • @robi said in IceHRM:


    Given how many relatively core features are not included in the open source version of IceHRM, this might be a better option.

  • Honestly, if I were recommending an ERP solution it would be Odoo, and I'm trying to get Odoo 14 packaged and tested so you can compare.

    Dollibar looks great if you've already developed your business with it alongside their development but for time-to-market I find Odoo much faster and the UX very accessible. Pivot-tables alone make it infinitely useful, plus the vast community and add-ons.

    IceHRM I think still relevant as not everyone needs full ERP with all the add-ons comparison, testing and setups. The IceHRM Pro version ($700?) is still open-source, which I think's a legit FOSS business model upselling additional features, similar to "Free"scout etc.

    It's the best of the dedicated bunch I could, so just here for upvotes or sponsoring if there's client appetite for this sort of solution. YMMMV but I see HRM as a gap in the App Store market still.

  • @marcusquinn having just installed and briefly used Dolibarr, it's not very friendly for all the marketed features it mentioned on its site.

    From what I've seen of earlier Odoo versions I would tend to agree with Marcus.

  • I had a little play with Odoo about a year ago and found the UX to be pretty bad really. In the end I convinced the client to just use WordPress and a bunch of plugins! (obviously not possible for everything Odoo does but fit this use case)

  • @jdaviescoates certainly horses for courses but different beasts.

    We're working on replicating everything that Odoo does and more in WP & Woo but I started that epic challenge 4 years ago, and probably 20+ developers over the years,I'd say we're still only half-way there.

    The central strength of Odoo is the accounting, CRUD standards & pivot tables. Odoo Studio is pretty phenomenal but not open-source.

    Closest thing in WP-land is Advanced Customer Fields (ACF) but still it's been an epic challenge and we're still not done.

    If I had my time again, I'd probably go Odoo + WP/Woo - but just can't resist a challenge when the prize is the world having a Website, Ecommerce & ERP System all-in-one that's genuinely FOSS for everything. One day 🙂