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SOLVED Cloudron account email address and instance management?

  • Hello, sorry if this is explained elsewhere but I couldn't find info on here or in the doc.

    I'm setting up a Cloudron for an organisation and I need to create a Cloudron account to install apps but I don't really want to use one of my email address for this if it cannot be changed later on. Is it possible to change the email address on the account?

    Also slightly different question but kinda related. I have mistakenly installed two Cloudron under one account but ideally these should have been separate. Is it possible to move one instance from one account to another?


  • Staff

    Hi, if you want to change your email at, just send a mail about this to and I will change it. Since it does not happen too often, we didn't implement any kind of email verification flow to change it so far.

    For your second question, the process is outlined at
    If you have a subscription already assigned to that Cloudron, also please send a mail with details to so we can re-setup the subscription once the Cloudron has changed ownership.

  • @nebulon Thanks for the quick reply and guidance!

    And sorry for not spotting the response to the second question in the doc. Yes there is a sub associated so I'll also email you.

    Many thanks