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SOLVED File Manager available while App is installed

  • Terminal is correctly disabled.
    File Manager isn't.

  • Staff

    This is intended behavior. File Manager works in all the app states unlike the Terminal which only works when it's running. This is because File Manager does not depend on the container to be running (it was designed explicitly this way). For example, if the app keeps restarting or in errored state, we wanted user to be able to change configs or remove things via the File Manager.

  • Staff

    There is a small timewindow where the installation apptask has not yet finished and thus the volume mount for the filemanager was not yet done. During this time the filemanager wont work, however there is also currently no easy way to distinguish this. Maybe can fix this in the future.

  • Thanks for the detail @girish

    Noted @nebulon - perhaps if the different stages of the startup process were tagged, one could track this more easily.