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  • Changes to WordPress apps

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    @mdreira said in Changes to WordPress apps:

    1-Is a security plugin necessary in wordpress managed?

    I use the Developer package for WordPress so can't speak for the Managed version too much, but my general advice would be the following:

    Generally speaking, it'd best to only install plugins when you know you have a need that isn't already addressed in the system. Thus, knowing your exact needs would come before choosing any particular plugin. My rule of thumb personally is not to install a plugin unless I understand why I need it and what I want to achieve with it.

    Security is a huge umbrella with probably hundreds of different sub-categories / uses. So for example, it'd be good to know if you are wanting to be notified of any irregular file changes, block specific functionality in WordPress, lockdown user accounts with custom permissions, change the login page URL, rate limit logins, or a mix of those or a whole bunch of other ones.

    It's good to copy an existing WordPress site (or a default one) to test new plugins on to see if they will interfere with your current setup, avoiding testing in any live production website.

    Aside from the above, I'd honestly recommend just using the Developer package of WordPress. I know that goes against Girish's recommendation 👼 but there are at least several of us "power users" in Cloudron that feel there's no real upside to the Managed package other than a little bit more security by default. Eventually, whether it's sooner or later, you'll likely have the need to use a particular plugin that will need to modify files or access certain files, in which case you'll then have to do a bunch of work to migrate from the Managed package to the Developer package, so IMO you may as well just start on the Developer package to begin with unless you have very basic needs for WordPress and don't plan on growing it at all. And you won't want to be caught in a project that's time-sensitive to then find out you need to now also migrate an entire website to a new app instance type. I learned that lesson the hard way myself. 😉

    By the way, every app has its own category in the forum. You may be better served to create a separate and dedicated post in the WordPress (managed or developer) categories. This thread in particular is pretty old and is generally on a different topic than "security plugins" for WordPress.

  • Dolibarr is now available

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  • PHP Server Monitor is now available

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  • Vikunja is now available

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    As a heads up, the app hasn't hit 1.0 yet. Use it at your own risk. We do have tests on the Cloudron package though.

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    it is possible to make the next one more global hour centric aka noon or 1:00PM UTC+1
    so in 🌎 NorthAmerica it would be morning
    and 🌏 South-East Asia it would be evening
    instead of midnight 😴

  • Astral is now available

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  • Cloudron 6.1 released

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  • Docker base image - 2.0

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    @d19dotca Yes, correct. v3 uses focal. More info here - . Will make an announcement when we update more apps.

  • Cloudron Package Updates - twitter feed

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    @girish b) 👍

    You can batch them up better that way per week as you do spurts of releases.

  • What's coming in 6.1

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    @girish literally tried SOGo yesterday and wasn't able to login thinking it was weird... now I know! Will update and give it another whirl!

  • Docker Registry is now available

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  • Jirafeau is now available

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  • Cloudron 6 released

  • Year 2021 VAT adjustments

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    Effectively the UK can now do what Jersey (where I live and has always been outside the EU) has done for years.

    Europe I LOVE! The EU, well, we'll leave that for the remaining members to decide what works best for all — which I expect still needs some work given the variety of economies and industries.

    Anyway, not to distract — great job being on top of the accounting!

  • Translation

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    @mehdi yes we now decided to simply not have anonymous contributions there, but for anyone interested, just send us a mail with the intended username and language to contribute to. I've also updated the docs accordingly.

  • Responses to gmail accounts are bouncing

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    Dear Google,

    May your holidays be filled with bounces 😈

  • Transmission is now available

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    I never expected even 1, let alone 2 torrent clients, but here we are 🙂 The other one is Simple torrent - .

    Also, both torrent clients are disabled in the demo cloudron. Use judiciously!

  • What's coming in 6.0 (take 2)

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    @lonk you likely have to clear your browser cache

  • Prometheus is now available

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