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    @jdaviescoates said in Cloudron update to 7.5.1 - Success!:

    @mhgcic said in Cloudron update to 7.5.1 - Success!:

    I could increase the RAM to see if that helps.

    Regardless if it is what's causing the issues you're currently facing, I'd definitely get more RAM if I were you.

    Each instance of Mastodon needs at least 1.5GB and each instance of Discourse at least 2GB. Already that is at least 10.5GB RAM you need before you've included all your other apps plus Cloudron and Ubuntu themselves.

    And these are bare minimums. If you have users actually actively using these apps they'll need more.

    We know this and monitor daily, and we have software that lets us know that RAM needs to be increased whether it is on a server level or on an app level.

    We upgrade as and when needed, We also use throttling so if extra RAM or CPU is needed it is given until we decide on its upgrade needs.

    After testing it had nothing to do with CPU or RAM it seems to be networking or a service possibly.

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    You are amazing to have solved this and fixed it so quickly, @nebulon.

    To get the typebots you were running working again, you can try this:

    Restore from an earlier working backup Navigate to your typebot flow and at the three dots at the top right .... export the flow. Save it in a safe place. Reinstall Typebot in Cloudron create a new typebot by selecting the import flow When you try and re-publish, it will give the typebot a new address, so you might like to edit that option to set it to your previously published address:


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    @timconsidine said in Cloudron Documentation Ideas:

    I find Cloudron documentation fine in its current form

    Cloudron has good quality documentation, I agree.

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    Alright, trying to strike a balance here, I moved Feature Requests up again, but I assume unless the forum supports a per-user order, this discussion is endless on personal perference 🙂

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    @LoudLemur ah ok, I didn't actually watch the video 🙂 External links always worry me, thanks for clarifying.