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    @girish said in Social Well Known:

    I tested this out quickly. Indeed, the app auto creates an id of the form . After domain change, it doesn't adapt. But I don't think this is a bug in the app. Most of the federated apps (even outside nextcloud) cannot change their domain post installation.


    I thought the same!

    It seems to be a bit of a bugger that, on the other hand, I located the folder for well-known but nowhere does it show the URL in the files in the well-known folder for the app.

    I have messaged the developer of the app to see if they could put in the description to only install on a URL that will not change or find a way around it but I don't think the developers of federated apps have it high on their priority to make domain name changes possible.

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    @girish , thank you!

    I don't know to be honest... I would rather put it in the client<->server protocol as well, especially since it's not something I would like to expose to everyone. Guess it's because of the mixed model Element took - they are targeting at wide communities as well as closed groups, which is kind of hard to mix.

    Anyway, from what I remember (and I might be wrong) I've seen something at NextCloud as well, so placing it at the app level feels right.
    The only reason why I would consider placing in a general location - it's to ease implementation, as it doesn't seem to be a very often used feature. And for it to work, I'm perfectly fine to go the console or whenever, just to make it work.

    No harm - just a bit of trash - if it will remain after the app removed either.

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    @jaschaezra We used to have that link in the docs but for some reason it got removed from mastodon upstream, which resulted in a broken link in our docs 🙂 Note the link I posted is actually in some fork and not upstream!

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    @girish I needed it to be able to properly federate with other Matrix servers. Like I said, it was pretty weird.

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    @girish The update for Cloudron was installed now, then the location in the Nextcloud app was saved again. Now it is error-free. Thanks for your personal support!