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    • Control public & private clouds, containers, bare metal servers, more.
    • Fine grain controls for delegating access to team members.
    • Cost and usage reporting across all your infrastructure.
    • Orchestrate repeatable deployments, automate common responses.
    • Enforce your policies consistently, across any computing platform.
    • Re-architecting infrastructure not required. Get started fast.

    According to this blog post, now uses Docker Compose for installing.

  • Interesting!
    There is also which provide similar features!

  • Another +1 for MSP and Support organizations! Looked into this one in the past. If possible within Cloudron would be very nice

  • App Dev

    Started to try to package this, but stopped almost immediately since it's going to be a lot of effort/figuring out due to the many backing services, several of which are not readily available as adding in Cloudron today. List is in but includes things like elasticsearch, memcached, and rabbitmq. Obviously some could be put in-container with the app, but a couple are a bit too heavy-duty imo to do that to. Sticking a pin in it for the time being.

  • @jimcavoli Question for my education sake: is it not worth eventually packaging those add-on's as there are a few other possible solutions that require elesticsearch? maybe not so much so for memecached or cabbitmq but in the long run would not all of those add-on's benefit the ecosystem as a whole?

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    @plusone-nick Absolutely. Elastic has been a rather long-running debate, and I'm sure something will be sorted out in the future. There's a virtuous though tough balance to strike with some of that and the weight of the base system, and we'll see where any of that goes. All I'm trying to indicate is that at this particular point in time, those are the reasons holding back the packaging. This actually ends up being useful in the system addons debate as well, as until we take a harder look at the dependencies of things on the wishlist, it's pretty hard to evaluate what all we would be unlocking for the added effort of working out new addons, and having them listed out here makes it more searchable and easier to figure out at a glance.

  • We have a dedicated ElasticSearch instance for our WP sites search and shop pages.

    My feeling is it is likely more performant on a dedicated VM without docker and if Cloudron were to pick up this as a feature, it should be a box add-on, with an option to configure use of separate Cloudron instances.

    So you could have it within one Cloudron with the disclaimer your resource needs will be higher, but also the option to setup Cloudrons with no other addons running than Elastic Search, and then other Cloudrons could be configured to make use of others so that resources could be set per the need of each instance.

  • Regarding specifically, it does look very nice from the screenshots at-least.

    My feeling with this is that if it is already dedicated to what it does, then it would be better to have that App in Cloudron for multi-platform management and make use of that, instead of reinventing some of those features in Cloudron where the responsibility scopes would be increasing but the dedication to each responsibility would be thinning.

    If has already solved a of the multi-cloud management needs, then best to have that App as the feature manager, and use it's API with any cloudron development to tap into those features.

    Similar principles to being used with OpenVPN as I understand.

    For me, Cloudron is the classic example of built on the shoulders of giants, and making the access to those giants so quick and easy is where the greatest value lays.

    Let me know if there's anything we can do to help with app packaging because that seems to be the biggest bottleneck at the moment, and maybe if we can do something for ElasticSearch, that will help on the app packaging options.

  • @jimcavoli appreciate the response & absolutely agree on both major points (the debate & holding off on this one) regardless really enjoying where the ecosystem is going.

    @marcusquinn Yeah that's an interesting approach, kinda like the dedicate cloudron for the build service..?

    Very much so agree with your critique of and its potential value/use case
    Also "For me, Cloudron is the classic example of built on the shoulders of giants, and making the access to those giants so quick and easy is where the greatest value lays." 🙏✌🖤+1