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SOLVED I want Cloudron on my CentOS

  • Hello , I am very basic in IT field as I am Chemical Engineer. However, I can use putty to connect my SHH of Centos server. I am looking for help to install cloudron on my server. There are some good docs for ubuntu. But I want Cloudron on my CentOS. Can anybody help.

  • App Dev

    Hi @manishfoodtechs,

    "unfortunately" Cloudron is only able to run on Ubuntu, but that should not really be an issue since apart from the Web ui Cloudron is really hands-off. So everything you know from navigating and updating your CentOS installation should not be done on Cloudron anyways.

  • Staff

    Hi @manishfoodtechs , as @fbartels said currently only ubuntu is supported. Most of the sysadmin stuff on Cloudron is UI based, so you should be able to use it pretty easily even on ubuntu. Even the Cloudron installation mechanism does not require to know any ubuntu commands.

  • Staff

    I will mark this as solved, since it's unlikely we will start supporting another OS. Supporting two ubuntu versions is really hard as-is.