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SOLVED LAMP App - How to enable mod_expires.c ?

  • I am trying to enable the expires module for apache2.

    But if I try to do it via /app/data/ or via the repair-mode, it tells me that the Apache2 mod folder is read-only.

    How do I enable this module?

  • Staff

    @M-arcus I have pushed a new release which enables the apache module.

    Currently, there is no way to enable modules on the fly. It has to be part of the package. Since expires is fairly standard, I added it to the package itself. Otherwise, we have to investigate what's the best approach for this.

  • @girish Thanks for the quick update.

    Maybe you can symlink the apache2 folder to a writable folder inside /app

  • Staff

    Have to think about that because I think modules require not just configuration but also code to be installed via apt.

  • A bunch of mods are already installed, but not activated.

    I would separate this into:

    • Activating already installed mods
    • Installing and activating new monds