Anyway to move a subscription service to a new server?

  • As the title implies, in the cloudron account that is linked with my instance, can I move the subscription to a new server without having to purchase?

    Long story short, after a very long 16 hour fight with a hosting provider I used to use, I ended up moving to a new host. However, during this time I had rebuilt my server like 4 times. This caused me to be charged 4 different times in my account.

    Any thoughts admins?

  • This use-case is better done through backing up the old server and restoring to a new instance. More details are at

    The reason is, that the cloudronId will remain the same thus the subscription will be correctly linked.

  • @nebulon Ah shame I couldn't do that. Lack of backups for one, and my service provider, remaining unnamed, gave me the short stick in regards to getting my server back up. That all said, your support team helped with proper refunds very quickly, so no worries, just asking for the future.

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