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SOLVED Can Cloudron NextCloud use local external RAID1 storage?

  • Hi all

    I consider some changes for my home theater family computer, that is installing cloudron on it. The plan is to install Ubuntu 18.04 server (+ Ubuntu desktop to let my family browse internet, view netflix, etc.), and install cloudron mainly to have Nextcloud to sync and host some 800GB family members photo/video-collection and various other files.

    In the home theater box the system disk is a 250G HD. In addition I have a 3TB software RAID1 mounted as /mnt/raid1

    Is it possible to have the cloudron Nextcloud to "mount" and use this raid1 "local external" storage? Or even better....have the cloudron NextCloud configured to have the main /data directory located in /mnt/raid1?

    I know I can do most of this without installing Cloudron, but I would really like to have Cloudron as the main "brain" in this setup, also for the option to use other cloudron apps if needed.

  • Another option (if at all possible)?

    Install separate Nextcloud on the system disk, configured to have /data dir located in /mnt/radi1 (domain1.tld).
    Install headless Virtualbox on the system disk to host a cloudron guest OS virtual machine for all the cloudron stuff (domain2.tld).
    Have Nginx as reverse proxy in front of the above two?

    Yes, I admit....I know very little of this tech stuff, but learn by doing (and asking some questions) when something needs to be done 🙂

  • App Dev

    I think your question is similar to

    I think putting a reverse proxy Infront of cloudron could potentially mess a lot with your setup (since cloudron is dynamically creating subdomains for all apps).

    If it's really local storage I would just mount your data disks into the folder where cloudron is storing it's data.

  • Staff

  • @fbartels, thank you

    So, I need to figure out the full path to the cloudron NextCloud data storage, which may be


    ...and mount the local external storage within that "data" folder? Is that possible? Do NextCloud then need to know the full system path for the mounted folder, or is it enough for Nextcloud to just see the mountpoint within docker?

  • @nebulon thank you. just noticed your message the split second I was pushing the submitbutton for my latest comment to jfbartels. Looks like you pointed to the solution. I will test, thank you 🙂

  • Staff

    @stoccafisso I have put this in our 4.1 roadmap - . The feature is already supported in our backend (dataDir field when calling the configure route) but the UI is hidden. We will work on making it public.