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multiple domains to one app

  • Hi!

    Cloudron 4 is absolutely awesome, thanks for this product. I'm currently moving some sites to Cloudron and have the following question for which I couldn't find an answer in docs or forum:

    I want multiple domains "redirected" to one app.

    I can add multiple domains in Admin area but In can't find the solution to redirect them all to one app.

    Example: app on, extra domains,, all redirecting to

    Does anyone knows if this is possible?

    Kind regards,


  • Hey Marcel,
    you can set up LAMP apps for each domain (don't forget to enable www redirection in the settings) and add a .htaccess file with the url you wish to redirect to, explained here.

    Best regards

  • @msbt Thanks for this quick answer and "workaround" (imho). In my case it's about 12 domainnames, so I have to setup 12 extra LAMP apps just to make this possible?!

    I really think this is basic functionality on Cloudron server level, in the world of website hosting it is really common to have more domain names redirecting to one site.

    For now this is for me a showstopper for using/expanding with Cloudron 😞

    Can support team elaborate on this?

    Kind regards,


  • Staff

    Hi, we already support this API wise, but this is not exposed via the dashboard. Mostly because it appeared to be a corner case, which adds clutter to the UI.

    You can do this now as documented in

    We can add this in the next release to the dashboard.

  • @nebulon Hi Johannes, it would be great to add it to the dashboard, it's then conform the biggest competitors of Cloudron and very needed 🙂

    I tried to figure out your advise to do it via API but for me at this time it's too complex.

    Kind regards,


  • Staff

    @imc67 I put this as part of our 4.1 roadmap - . I will email you once it's done, so you can preview the release early.

  • This is awesome!!! Thanks @nebulon

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