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Zabbix Agent on Cloudronserver?

  • Hi,

    first of all I'm very happy with Cloudron, the concept and way it works!

    I use a Zabbix server ( to "probe" my Linux servers. They have Zabbix-Agent installed (

    My question is:

    1. can I install this agent on a Cloudron-server with:

    dpkg -i zabbix-release_4.2-1+bionic_all.deb
    apt update
    apt install zabbix-agent
    service zabbix-agent start

    1. will it work and keep working regardless Cloudron updates or whatever will do?

    2. do I need to apt-get update / apt-get upgrade manually or is there already a Cloudron script doing this?

    Kind regards,


    btw: maybe an App with Zabbix server can be added for all users?

  • Staff


    I do not have any experience with zabbix, but the agent looks like it would not interfere with system configs or updates, so it should be ok to use that. Cloudron itself will update packages where it makes sense through a Cloudron version update. However security updates are applied automatically in the background (this is also the reason why your Cloudron will sometimes show a notification about a required reboot)

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