Setup where users will use instead of for mail server address

  • I know the Cloudron will set itself up at, but is it possible to change it in a way where users can use when setting up IMAP client applications where Cloudron is hosting the mail for the users on the server?

    I realize it's not technically a requirement by any means, but it'd be nice to stick with what is the standard mail server DNS addressing scheme for most mail servers these days. Even if it's a redirect somehow so it's still in the end but someone can enter and it'll work as well.

    Any ideas if this possible to achieve? Not a big deal if not, but it would be nice to set the mail domain separately from the Cloudron subdomain.

  • @dustinddotca If you add a CNAME record manually from to that should work. Your email client might complain about certificate hostname mismatch but this is unlikely.

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