DO DNS Issue: TTL must be > 30

  • We have had several reports about DO DNS integration not working. It seems they changed the API all of a sudden to have a min value of 30.

    To fix this issue temporarily: Change the DNS provider to manual. We are making a 4.1.4 release with the fix. 4.1.4 is now released.

  • Just came to look into this, was bad timing as I was just in the middle of changing from wildcard to DigitalOcean in the dropdown menu and then ran into this issue you mentioned about the record TTL being greater than 30. Had just bough the $30 Cloudron subscription too. Hoping for a quick fix. 🙂

  • @dustinddotca An alternate fix is:

    1. edit /home/yellowtent/box/src/dns/digitalocean.js and change the line "ttl: 1" (around line 114) to "ttl: 30"
    2. systemctl restart box

    Then you can use the DO DNS provider.

  • Oh perfect, that's a good workaround. Thank you for the quick fix! Hopefully that won't interfere with anything when 4.1.4 is released. 🙂 But if not, it's an easy fix again. I appreciate the help.

  • We already pushed out 4.1.4 with the same fix as above but it might take a week to get released to all. Thanks 🙂

  • Change log in 4.1.4 (according to the Admin UI) does NOT reflect this change btw.

  • Indeed, missed that. Just making a blog post for 4.1 release which will include it.

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