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[Suggestion] Adding a warning message when disabling SMTP on secondary domain, as it does on primary domain.

  • Hello. I noticed in the GUI if I went to disable the SMTP server on my primary domain ("A") then I receive a warning about how it won't be able to send out password resets, user invites, etc. However no such warning exists if I go to disable SMTP on my secondary domain ("B").

    I would like to suggest that this be improved because it could probably use a fail-safe where it warns users against disabling the SMTP server for that domain if there is also an active application on that domain. It should be obvious in most cases, but no harm in adding an extra sanity check for those who may need it.

  • Staff

    @d19dotca Thanks, this is probably just an oversight on our part.

  • Staff

    Done, added notification for the next release.