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UNSOLVED How can we change the SpamAssassin rule for the number that dictates if it's considered spam or not?

  • I noticed there's a request in the Git for Cloudron to better expose the Spam settings as it's basically a blackbox right now, but in the meantime I was wondering how to change the default of "5" for marking spam in SpamAssassin, if I wanted to make it 4 for example, how would I do that? And would that change stay throughout reboots or be overwritten on reboot? And if it doesn't make sense for making this change yet, is there an ETA for 4.2?

  • Staff

    @d19dotca Currently, there is no way. The SA settings are set in stone. I can open up our mail addon git repo tomorrow so you can get a better idea of how we have implemented it.

    But overall, our idea was that customers don't have to deal with implementation details like SA (for example, maybe we use rspamd later) and that spam detection should just work. If you have SA expertise, I am happy to incorporate your suggestions into the default settings.