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  • Hello everyone,,
    What are your thoughts?
    <link redacted>
    Cloudron is free, provides you with an email server and allows you to install Ghost org automatically. Albeit, Runcloud still looks like the winner to me at the moment, I would love to know your thoughts....

  • @Jhonmicky said in vs vs Cloudron vs Sandstorm:

    Runcloud still looks like the winner to me at the moment

    I am curious. why do you think Runcloud is the better solution at the moment?

    Generally Rundcloud and Serverpilot seem to have a different purpose than what Cloudron is doing, as they seem to target developers of (php) webapplications that do not want to bother with the required infrastructure to run their (custom) applications.

    I would see cloudron more as a way for non-technical people to run selected applications without the need to spend time actually learn how to manage a server and said application (as Cloudron takes care of installation, updates and backup). Even my mother could manage her own cloudron.

    Sandstorm comes closest to Cloudron but is unmaintained for a while already.

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    @Jhonmicky Co-founder of Cloudron here.

    • ServerPilot/Runcloud - These are platforms to help you run PHP code (i.e code that you developed). Also, from what I can tell, the control panels of both these products are hosted by them (i.e it's not on your server). This is a plus or minus depending on your requirements.
    • Sandstorm tries to bring a google apps style document model to apps. It's not intended for hosting public facing apps (like this forum or our public chat). We were very excited when it launched but unfortunately it is not actively developed anymore
    • CPanel/Plesk - I added this to the mix but this panel focus heavily on WordPress and shared web hosting features like re-seller management.
    • Cloudron - Our focus is to make it easy to run SaaS alternatives on your server. If you need a Discourse forum (ruby) or Ghost blog (nodejs) or mattermost chat (Go), redash analytics (python), nextcloud File sharing (PHP) you can run it easily now using Cloudron. Our focus is not PHP, so we will probably never be able to provide options like choosing a PHP version (well, we can but it's not our focus).

    There is some overlap in all the products but it's only outwardly since they all solve different use cases.

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    @girish Thanks for the short difference. I have only tried cloudron till now along with my digitOcean web server. I must accept it that Cloudron is a better option. I am very satisfied with their management service. It is also listed on DigitalOcean market place that made it clicks away to enable it.

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    @KathleenMcArthur Thanks for the feedback 🙂

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    @Jhonmicky said in vs vs Cloudron vs Sandstorm:

    <link redacted>

    It is an interesting comparison. I am just very curious because of that link in the initial post. Is this such good spam or an legitimate question and if so why is that link there?

  • @nebulon I don't remember this link being there (that you removed) when this topic was opened a few months ago... Otherwise I'm sure someone or me would have reported it.

  • @necrevistonnezr said in vs vs Cloudron vs Sandstorm:

    I don't remember this link being there (that you removed) when this topic was opened a few months ago

    you can see the edit history of a posting. It was only added on the 19th of november at 23:40. Honestly also @KathleenMcArthur feels a bit like a spam bot posting backlinks to earn some referrals.

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