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  • The Vanilla-MC-Server is nice but what we really need is Spigot.

    lg Sidias

  • Pls add Spigotserver or Pterodactyl or something similar to work with modded Spigot. I want to use Cloudron mainly to work with Spigot-Server-Teams... thx a lot :).

  • App Dev

    @Sidias I can make a beta build - Want to test it out with me? Do you have matrix?

  • App Dev

    @Sidias I have a supposedly working build, haven't tested plugins, but so far so good.

  • @murgero i can test it If its in the Betabuild i can enable that and Install it on my Cloudron. Ist there a free Versionchange or only the newest Spigot available?

  • App Dev

    @Sidias There is currently no ability to change version as I have to build spigot into the app package.

    Do you have SSH access to your cloudron server? You wont be able to install this through cloudron's web admin panel at this time. (It would need to be approved for that.)

  • @murgero yeah i have full access to the server.

    do you have a version for 1.8.8 and one for 1.13 and one for 1.14.4? thats the mainly needed ones. ^^

  • App Dev

    @Sidias I have a build for Minecraft 1.14.4 no other builds - but for testing it should get the job done. I am thinking I might need to make a build that can swap jar files for different server versions or something but that will take weeks to setup.

    Link to the repo:

    You will need Cloudron CLI installed on your computer:

    Use the quick install instructions to get up and running in 5 minutes or less

  • @murgero I dont wanna install git or nodejs on my Workstation... is it in any way possible to do this directly on the server? Im to stupid to find out how XD.

  • App Dev

    @Sidias I'm not aware of any other way. Can you load a VM up on your computer to do the install from?

  • @mugero i will test it at friday night. I give you feedback than. 😃

  • @murgero Hi, i have installed your Spigot... but... how i can give my team good access to manage plugins and so on?

    The Server startet and i cant manage anything other than the vanilla-installation -.-

  • App Dev

    @Sidias You can manage the server via terminal. Once in the terminal, you can manage the spigot server almost as if you were running on any other Linux server.


    You can download and run scripts for the plugins needed through terminal under the /app/data directory.

  • @murgero Thats completely useless than.. i cant make a tutorial for all my Teams. And how i can get Premiumplugins from Spigot and so on...

  • App Dev

    @Sidias It's very easy to manage, but this is what you will have to use if you plan to use Cloudron to host gaming servers...

    Do you have a basic understanding of Linux? If you do I can write up a tutorial on how to install and manage plugins, if not then I apologize but this is the best it will get until someone can get a WebUI management console working for spigot... (Though you should manage through CLI anyway, it's faster and more reliable)

    Anyway - Let me know if you need a written tutorial. Installing plugins is very easy in terminal and the same can be said for premium plugins.

  • Staff

    Oh nice, this looks great. Good stuff @murgero .

    @nebulon What do you think of publishing the app? Given we have the two different variants of minecraft already.

  • @murgero ok... than say me how can i get premiumplugins from spigot or other pages? A CLI-Browser maybe? I use Linux on my Workstation but i dont use any Terminal... because theres no need for that. But the installer from you works very nice. Thx for that =).

  • App Dev

    @girish Thanks! I wouldn't mind publishing it, even if it stayed in "Experimental". It's really just a drop in replacement built from your Minecraft app, so not a whole lot changed except during the build process, this downloads buildtools.jar instead of server.jar and then builds server.js from source / Mojang with the mods from spigot.

    Or an even better option (I think) might be to allow the official Minecraft app you made to include a server version selection box in the admin panel of the app to allow the user to change between Mojang Minecraft and Spigot Minecraft (And bukkit).

    As a note, calling Minecraft Bedrock edition a variant of Minecraft Java edition is a bit misleading, AFAIK bedrock was built from the ground up and is completely separate from the java edition. 🙂

  • App Dev

    @Sidias So one example tutorial for installing a plugin would be:

    1. Login to Cloudron
    2. Launch terminal link for spigot server
    3. Run the command: cd /app/data/plugins (Or whatever directory it uses??)
    4. Run the command: wget
    5. Run the command unzip
    6. Restart the app from Cloudron admin

    If you bought a plugin from somewhere that you downloaded to your computer, replace step 4 with:

    a. Click "Upload to /tmp" button in terminal for app
    b. Once uploaded run: cp /tmp/ /app/data/plugins/

    Then continue onto step 5 and so on.

    Or something fairly close to that. It looks tedious but is much faster than trying to use a GUI IMHO.

  • This post is deleted!