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  • App Dev

    I know this is a bit of a niche request, but is there an easy way to change a username in Cloudron? I can create a new one, but my current one already has its data on all of the apps, so I'd have to export/import that somehow per app. Any thoughts welcome!

  • Staff

    @thetomester13 We don't support this yet. As you said, the best way is to create a new user and delete the old one.

    On Cloudron side, we can actually do the rename trivially, but most apps don't support renaming users. So, we decided to disable this on Cloudron side as well.

    What apps are you looking to import? Maybe we can help out in that aspect.

  • App Dev

    Thanks @girish, that makes sense. I need to migrate TTRSS and Wallabag which should be pretty trivial I believe. The one I'm worried about is Nextcloud because I have some plugins and settings configured just how I want them.