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OpenProject & PostgreSQL

  • Since this version, OpenProject displays a banner for administrator accounts "Future versions of OpenProject will likely drop or reduce support for MySQL and MariaDB databases. Your installation is still running on MySQL and we suggest you migrate your installation to PostgreSQL. This process is easy when following our migration guides: Migrating your installation to PostgreSQL"
    Do we have a roadmap for this change? I've heard from some guys from drupal, that they need PostgreSQL because of migration tasks.

  • Staff

    While it's possible to create update scripts to migrate db transparently, I think we would probably end up creating a new package and write up some instructions for users on how to migrate from mysql to postgresql.

  • New app package planned then?

  • Staff

    I am currently looking into however if this is taking too much time, we will release a new app package without the automatic migration, since the install volume of OpenProject is quite low. So far it is however also unclear how a manual migration can even look like.

  • Good to know, as I plan on using OP but I'd rather wait for the PostgreSQL-backed version, if it's not too far down the line.

  • Staff

    The new package with the migration steps included is actually done, however the migration itself is not working as expected. This requires further debugging before releasing.

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