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force installation on server with almost 1GB

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to install cloudron on a 954M memory VPS (just like all VPS in the world, this VPS doesn't have 1GB).

    however, when running cloudron installer the following error appears: "Error: Cloudron requires atleast 1GB physical memory"

    however, for example, when I installed cloudron on a VPS instance on digital ocean (whose physical memory is 984M) the installation went smoothly.

    Please tell me if there is a command in the installer where the installation is "forced" to skip this warning?


  • Staff

    The check is early on in the cloudron-setup script. You can checkout the line

    readonly MINIMUM_MEMORY="974"      # this is mostly reported for 1GB main memory (DO 992, EC2 990, Linode 989, 974)

    so as you see we already have some provider specific quirks detected there. Either way you can change that number within that file and rerun the script. However be warned, this is really the lower end of the requirement.

  • @nebulon Thank you for your help. worked perfectly!

  • where in the topic do I point out that the issue has been resolved?

  • @zedomingues Change the title to include [SOLVED] for now